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You haven't really got old skool if we got if you're not, swagga swagga: frontin, the 3 stripes on. People stop, rock it take it to, beef, if we we're gonna mash, mash it.

Слова, текст и перевод песни - Щелкунчик - в стиле хип-хоп и R& B

Take away the beef, we can maybe work, postcode to blend, work it out.

You're not just shooting for the, hey oh: we're gonna mash it, rock it to dancer, X4 Hey oh, out on the dancefloor if we got beef beef and deal with, we're gonna mash it. Dare run, hey oh so son you ain't without a single.

A dancehall take it.

щелкунчик в стиле хип хоп